The Shape of the Earth for voice, piano and electronics (45′) (2017- 2018)

Notes from Underground chamber opera after Dostoevsky (90’) (2010, rev. 2015-16)

Climbing Toward Midnight chamber opera after Parsifal (70′) (2012)

Nunc Dimittis scena for baritone, solo viola & four instruments (28’) (2011)


Lamarckian Dyads for string quartet & ensemble (17′) (2017) (pdf complete)

Decadent Purity for viola d’amore, percussion & ensemble (27′) (2016)
premiered at Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music, September 2016

…to taste dark water three Schiele pictures for 11 strings (10′) (2015) (pdf complete)
written for ACO2, premiered at Vasse Felix Festival, December 2015

Bruckner-Stein for large orchestra (22′) (2012) (pdf complete)

Sinfonia Concertante for violin, viola & chamber orchestra (30’) (2011) (pdf complete)

Schubertmaschine for large ensemble (13’) (2009) (pdf extract)

Hurtle for three singers & large ensemble (14’) (2009)


trial and error for viola, horn and piano (17′) (2018 – 2019)
premiere 12 November 2019, Melbourne Recital Centre

Your Cruel Melodies for tenor & piano quartet (20′) (2017)
written for Andrew Goodwin and the Australia Piano Quartet, premiered at the Sydney Opera House Utzon Room, June 2017

Almanac of Endings for violin & cello (15′) (2015) (pdf complete)
written for Affinity Collective, premiered at ANAM, November 2015

Responsorium for piano quartet (10)’ (2015) (companion piece to Responsories)
written for the Australia Piano Quartet, premiered at the Sydney Opera House Utzon Room, May 2015
(subsequent performances at Barbican Centre, London and Melbourne Recital Centre)

Mirrors and Epitaphs for solo cello (7′) (2014)
written for Patrick Murphy

2 Rilke Lieder for soprano, viola & clarinet (7′) (2014)
written for Jane Sheldon, premiered at her first Symbiosis concert, August 2014

Responsories for piano quartet (11′) (2014)
written for the Australia Piano Quartet, premiered at the Sydney Opera House Utzon Room, August 2014


Hell is Murky for piano trio (15′) (2014)
written for the Streeton Trio, premiere at the Melbourne Recital Centre, November 2014

Ein Fremder im fremden Land for cello & piano (17′) (2013- 2014) (pdf complete)
written for Timo-Veikko Valve

thick with garbage and the dust of the stars for string quartet (10′) (2013)
written for the JACK Quartet, premiered at Carriageworks, August 2013


Five Postscripts for violin & piano (5′) (2013) (pdf complete)

Still the Light Burns for violin & piano (9′) (2013) (pdf complete)

Sunless Communion for flute, clarinet, violin, cello & percussion (6′) (2012)


Circled Shards seven movements for violin, piano, vibraphone & organ (11′) (2012)


Song Cycle for viola & piano (35’) (2011)

Fauré Interstices for flute, clarinet, horn, violin, viola & cello (8’) (2011) (pdf complete)

Time Unredeemed for female voice & piano (10’) (2010)

Wälsungen im Schatten for five winds (4’) (2010)

Interleaved Reaction for four strings, harp & piano (4’30″) (2009)


Cast for cello, vibraphone & piano (6’30″) (2007)


Shadowed Time for bass-baritone, piano & electronics (10’) (2007)

all text and media copyright Jack Symonds- not to be used without permission

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